Lasting transformation only comes from a thorough understanding of the current system (culture) and a careful formulation of a solution. Sounds simple, and the most effective solution could be a simple tweaking of a particular process, but it must be the right tweak to the right process. This is in stark contrast to surface transformations which are more akin to re-orgs or lay-offs (reductions in force).

I admire organizations that have the courage to pursue a transformation. Like any of us, it is hard to open up and look at blemishes (dysfunctional behaviors) that are easy to push aside for one more quarter. Or worse yet, be in great pain and see no way out. To embark on this journey requires trust in members of the organization, particularly in management that they will see this journey through, and their guide.

It’s an honor anytime an organization trusts me with their improvement pursuit. It means they believe I can ensure confidences, act with integrity, and guide them towards their desired state, and ultimately, self-sufficiency.

Personally, I am fascinated with how organizations work, what makes them tick, getting to know the “unwritten rules” and social norms. This understanding is absolutely necessary in order to ensure solutions fit like a glove, with no waste, and are presented in such a way the staff is eager to use them. This is not to imply that improvement is easy, it isn’t, even under the best of circumstances. The beginning is always overwhelming, but it all irons out with persistence and a well-articulated vision.

It’s great to see an organization actually grow. The level of sophistication in how it functions increases as it becomes more systemic in its thinking and learning. Reminding folks two years prior they simply did not speak the language they are speaking now, and the reaction is, “I can’t believe we used to….” They are always amazed at how far they have come and what they have achieved.

I wish for you and your organization a similar experience.

Thank you for your interest,