The objective is to get the client to self sufficiency.  Therefore, built into every engagement is the training and nurturing of internal change agents who will ultimately be the “go to” people. Oddly enough, my goal with clients is to work myself out of the engagement.

I carefully plan each client visit so as to maximize benefit while minimizing consultant time. Materials for each visit are carefully prepared with the client in mind, client participants mindfully selected, and the schedule is formulated so as to imprint the experience as indelibly as possible into the client’s DNA. I strive, during each client visit, to engender as many “flash” realizations as possible, and complete the visit with social alignment on these new realizations. In other words, visits close out with all who need to know hearing the results first-hand.

My daily rate has been referred to by clients as “just above the middle” of what others charge. I do not charge for small tasks such as visit planning, checking in or tag-up phone calls, or emails. I see this as an attempt to nickel and dime the client, and quite frankly don’t wish to waste my time recording 5 minutes here or 8 minutes there. My job is to help clients and if that means reviewing their change agent status and a 10 minute call every other week, then I just do it.

I endeavor to minimize travel expenses as much as possible. This includes booking flights early and traveling coach domestically. It also includes negotiating a special rate with a hotel if the client does not already have one. I generally take meals in my room with food from Trader Joe’s. I prefer to fly United, stay at Marriott’s, and rent from Hertz.