John F. Ryskowski


Appraising process capabilities since 1989 both in the US and abroad. Process experience spans military, commercial, “small”, acquisition, and service organizations. Responsible for “hands-on” process improvement efforts at the organization and corporate levels. Sites include Madras, India, Oulo, Finland, and various locations in China. Creation and delivery of custom learner-centered and experiential training. Creator of Drum-Talks. Certified High Maturity (DEV/SVC/ACQ) lead appraiser, CMMI Institute  partner, CSM, PSL graduate.


Organizational transformation catalyst guiding organizations to greater efficiency. Patiently explore an organization’s current nervous system and work flows to determine next steps for greater health. CMMI process appraisals, appraisal training, for software, hardware, services, acquisition. Leading SCAMPIs, preparing organizations for SCAMPIs, and creating overall process improvement solutions to increase capability where it makes sense. Facilitation, coaching, workshops, custom training, SCAMPI appraisals, speaking engagements.

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  • DrumTalk: When Experts Collide- Exploring the Nuance of Team Integration with Popular Drum Beats” – (accepted) Global Scrum, London October 2018
  • Paper/Presentation - “Revealing the Unobvious Social Norms that Impede Agile Adoption” – (Accepted) IEEE Temscon June 2018, Pittsburgh TechFest May 2017
  • Drum-Talk: “How Big Band Drumming is Like Team Leadership” - Agile West, Las Vegas June 2016, Agile Alliance, Orlando, August 2017
  • Drum-Talk: “Synesthesia, High Performing Teams, Sophisticated Rhythms, and You,” – CMMI Institute Conference May, 2016,, Global Scrum San Diego April, 2017
  • Paper: “The CMMI-ACQ as a Solution for Acquisition Reform” – March 2015
  • Paper: “How L-3’s Implementation of the CMMI for Services Model drove positive cultural change and operational efficiencies to improve business results” – Crosstalk April 2015
  • Paper: “Agile: Don’t Worry, It’s Natural” – AgileConnection October 2014
  • Short Paper: “Shrinking the A Team with Reverse Rosetta” – simply to help clients
  • Workshop: “Process Definition” – SEPG 2013
  • Presentation: “Minimizing Appraisal Data Management and Team Size” – NDIA 2012, SEPG 2013
  • Presentation: “Appraisal Data Experiences, from the Current Field, form the Future Field” – presented 2013 Lead Appraiser Workshop
  • Presentation @ California State University, Fullerton Technology Breakfast: “Battling the Six Everyday Illusions with Advanced Project Management Techniques”    April 2011
  • Presentation @ Southern California SW Process Improvement Network (SCSPIN): “CMMI for Services: an Initial Exposure”   March 2009
  • Paper: “Process Improvement and CMMI Maturity Level 3: In the Ultra-Small” – presented at SEPG 2008
  • Paper: “Managing stressed out teams without stress” – co-author, presented at SEPG 2007
  • Paper: “V1.2 High Maturity: What should I expect to see in a V1.2 High Maturity Appraisal?” – presented at SEPG 2008, NDIA 2008
  • Paper: “It isn’t Magic: Transforming the Engineering Practices for a Services Application”- presented at SEPG 2008
  • “Applying the CMMI to Services at Raytheon”, co-author of this case study featured in the “CMMI 2nd edition Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement” Addison/Wesley
  • “Hughes Aircraft’s Widespread Deployment of a Continuously Improving Software Process”, CMU/SEI –98-TR-006  (co-author).




  • Session Chair- Bridging the Gap- Knowledge transfer and exchange of software engineering best practices used in the industry and taught by academe. – California State University Fullerton
  • Pre-SCAMPI and CMMI: Participation on 60+ Software assessments, 20+ CBA IPI’s. Of the IPIs; led and coached new leads on 6 instances, and generated results from level 1 through level 5. Assessment locations include Nokia Mobile Phones (Finland), Citibank (India), and Motorola (Arizona), various China locations. Application domains cover military real-time to commercial and business applications. Lead assessor ID 94-000763-A.
  • Authorship of the Hughes “Common SoftWare Process” (CSWP) as well as its deployment across the company. Drafted and piloted the corporate CSWP training.
  • Contributing author to the CMU/SEI-TR-006 “Hughes Aircraft's Widespread Deployment of a Continuously Improving Software Process.” Principal contributor to the brief that won Hughes the IEEE Computer Society SW Process Achievement Award for deployment of a common process in 1997.
  • Administered assessment team member training to over 250 persons on the CBA IPI method.
  • Administered training on the SE-CMM and participated on the beta test for that assessment method at Hughes Space and Communications.
  • Participated on the CBA IPI beta test assessment at Hughes in 1994.
  • Managed the transition from SPA to CBA IPI assessment methods at Hughes.
  • Administered ISO training to all site software personnel.
  • Developed and implemented the customer training program for the F-22 “breadboard” product line. Managed customer support and software upgrades for that product.
  • Managed software upgrades to the F-15 radar software. Managed phases from proposal to through integration and maintenance.
  • Real time data processing programmer for F-15, F-14, and B2 radars. Performed all phases of development from requirements through hardware integration and flight test. Performed to 2167A and 1679 military standards.
  • (At Litton) Designed, implemented, and managed the reliability/availability/maintainability database for hardware integration of a Saudi Command/Control/Communication national defense system.


  • Created and administered the QuickLook software process assessment method exclusively for Platinum Technologies (now Computer Associates).
  • SEPG leadership and direction of software process improvement for a 300 member organization involved in real-time, embedded, military and commercial software.  Managed, staffed and trained SEPG personnel. Supervised the formation of the Process Assets Library, lab training program, metrics program, process tailoring, and coordination of software support functions (SQA, CM, etc.). Led the organization to level 2 within one year of SPI initiation, and then level 3.
  • SEI Authorized lead assessor responsible for managing Corporate Assessment activities for Software and Systems Engineering with coverage spanning more than 15 nation-wide organizations. Scheduling and staffing of assessments including team population, training, assessment sponsor education and “hand-holding”. Responsible for assessment integrity and the corporate Process Assets Library.


1998 to present : Independent consulting, appraisal leadership, change catalyst
1983 to 1998    : Hughes Aircraft Company (now Raytheon), El Segundo, Ca.
1982 to 1983    : Litton Data Command Systems, Agoura Hills, Ca.


Scrum Master Training (June/2016, Certification July/2016)
Problem Solving Leadership (PSL). Adult learning theory, systems thinking, group process, creativity and congruent human interaction. Weinberg/Rothman/Derby (03/14)
M.A. Education (math emphasis),  California Lutheran College  (1983)
B.A.  Mathematics , California State University Northridge (1981)

Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (SEI) Training
* Multiple appraisal integrity courses offered by the SEI

  • CMMI-ACQ, CMMI-SVC upgrade training
  • SEI (P14) High Maturity with Statistics
  • CMMI Introduction, Intermediate, and Instructor training, SCAMPI  leadership
  • IPI Lead Assessor Training (1994), Managing Technological Change,
  • Intro. to CMM (5 days, Mark Paulk)



Strong points are facilitating skills (particularly in team building), inculcating new concepts and motivating “out of the box” thinking.